No Boundries Podcast
No Boundaries is a podcast (inspired by Laci Green of Sex+) hosted by Little Mel. Topics include: LGBT+, BDSM, body image, relationships, sex, self-esteem, rape culture awareness, social and lifestyle issues, and women's issues. She also interviews various performers, artists, activists, and media people. No Boundaries started out as a show on an internet TV/Radio station based in Concord, NH. Unhappy with the way the site was being run, and feeling like she did not have complete control over her own show, Little Mel decided to liberate herself from the site and branch out on her own.

The ASN Story Board
ASN is a great NIP story posting site. It's mostly centered around stripping women but there are some (straight not gay) stories about striping guys.

Tenyari's Erotic Stories
I love her stories! Really intelligent well written stuff. AI Girl is really great and her Alandra nude in school story is a brilliant slant on the catagory. Read these stories and encourage her to write more.

Kami Tora A really great spanking/femdom hentai artist

Free amateur nude in public and exhibitionist's pictures.