Below are some of my favorite authors and story sites.
If you want to exchange links please drop me a line.

No Boundries Podcast
No Boundaries is a podcast (inspired by Laci Green of Sex+) hosted by Little Mel. Topics include: LGBT+, BDSM, body image, relationships, sex, self-esteem, rape culture awareness, social and lifestyle issues, and women's issues. She also interviews various performers, artists, activists, and media people. No Boundaries started out as a show on an internet TV/Radio station based in Concord, NH. Unhappy with the way the site was being run, and feeling like she did not have complete control over her own show, Little Mel decided to liberate herself from the site and branch out on her own.

The ASN Story Board
ASN is a great NIP story posting site. It's mostly centered around stripping women but there are some (straight not gay) stories about striping guys.

iionly's Stripping Naked Discussion Board
This site takes the place of the old ASN discussion board.

Tenyari's Erotic Stories
I love her stories! Really intelligent well written stuff. AI Girl is really great and her Alandra nude in school story is a brilliant slant on the catagory. Read these stories and encourage her to write more.

Eros Shared World
A Yahoo group started by Tenyari. It's sort of a naked sword and sorcery world. There are only a few stories in there so far but they are worth reading. Make sure you search out the unfinished Tenyari's Tale. Let her know how great it is and that you can't wait to read more.

I LOVE the BSC world and if you like naked women in public I don't see how you couldn't either. There's been no new activity in this group for ages but the stories are all archived there. This is a Yahoo Group so if you don't have a Yahoo ID you'll have to register but it is free.

Nude in San Fransisco forums
This is a great little forum. You get some previews of the sits and there are a few writers who post their stories there. Some are real some are fiction.
5/15/09 Update. This forum seems kind of dead. Worse they seem to be allowing in a lot of spam. Still there are some good stories buried in the old posts.

Erica Chronicles
Ah little naked Erica... How she makes my heart beat faster. FANTASTIC NIP stories! This is another Yahoo Group though so you'll need that ID again. Well worth it if you ask me.

McSkyy Stories
Another GREAT NIP author. Yahoo Group again though. See how that ID is coming in handy.

Naked Time Stories Blog
NIP stories set in a world where some people can choose to live naked amongst the clothed. Great writer!

Hooked6's Stripping and Humiliation Stories Ah, Hooked6, if you know his stories you love them. If you don't know them this is the only place I know of where some of them are arcived.

Richard Hertz There are some elements to this guy's site that I don't care for but over all he's got some great stories.

College Code of Conduct I'm not sure about this one yet. It's picking up where Richard Hertz left off. It's offering new stories and guidelines for authors to submit stories in their universe.

The Writings of Leviticus
I hesitate to put a link to this page only because of the really annoying ads. They do have some amazing NIP stories archived here though...

Visual Sensations For Women
A great forum for CFNM discussion and stories.

cfnm tales blog
I believe this blog is dead however there are still some stories posted there worth reading. Use the links on the right to navigate through the stories.

cfnm party forum
There are huge ads at the top of each page of this forum but they aren't to annoying. The forum itself is a little slow and who knows if any of it is true but there are some hot old posts to read through.

A great site for searching for stories of all kinds.
The site is free and you don't even need to register.

Authors on Literotica that I think are worth reading.
"CFNM – A Way of life Ch. 01" is a great story. He just posted it a couple of weeks ago so hopefully there will be more coming.
I haven't read all his stories yet but they seem worth checking out. "Growin up with the Martin Girls" is CFNM with a little BDSM at the end.
A really hot CFNM author
I love the first few chapters of Neighbor Girl and Femdom Island.
"My Introduction To CFNM" is an amazing story! Give him some feedback and ecourage him to finish the story!
One Step from Heaven, an another great story that needs to be finished. The chapters that are there are hot though!
A great NIIP author.
I've read all eight chapters now and while I like the first half or so that last few chapters get into things that aren't for me. Mainly cuckolding and foreced gay sex. I'm not putting down those activities I'm just saying they aren't a trun on for me. Still worth a read though.
Abbycakes I've seen Abbycakes on the Nude in San Fransisco forums and on ASN here and there but I didn't know she had stuff on Literotica! There are only a handful of stories but they are very hot! If you like teen lesbians that like ot get naked outside Abby is the author for you!

the filthy amphibian I really like this persons art work.
Kami Tora A really great spanking/femdom hentai artist
Baremanors A weekly comic about nudists (non sexual but good art!)

Free amateur nude in public and exhibitionist's pictures.