Holy crap! 15 days have gone by since my last post? Somehow I've lost all control over time. What the heck?

So since I last posted I had to start my chastity count over from zero. I had a little chafing problem that needed a day or two to heal. I didn't orgasm in those two days but since I was free I decided it was only fair to start from zero again. So it's 32 days since my last orgasm and 5 days locked up.

And I've gotta admit it's starting to get to me. And here's the part about chastity that most people don't get. It's not about locking someone up and heartlessly torturing them. It's about building a level of sexual intensity and holding it there as long as possible.

Now, I suppose different people have different thoughts on what chastity should be. I just prefer what I'll call erotic chastity play.


I am a bad bad blogger. I haven't written here for ages. I missed 2018 completely! What the hell? I should be punished! I should be locked in chastity and not let out!

Well, as those of you who have been following my Twitter already know, that's actually sort of what's happened.

If you'll look back in this blog you'll see once upon a time I started to tell you about the night I spent with two Dommes. Domme 1 and ! still keep in touch and wouldn't you know it? When I asked her if she had ever played with chastity she jumped all over the idea. In fact she said she had asked me about it years ago and I said no.

I remember something about the conversation but not much. The long and short of the story is that she asked if I had a chastity device and when I said yes she told me to put it on right that second!

That was months ago now and I wish I could say we've been doing chastity play since then. Sadly it didn't work out that way. A while back I posted an article I wrote on Twitter about cheap overseas chastity devices. I still do believe that they serve their purpose but none of the cages I tried were a long term device. Every single one I tried failed on me in one way or another. The one that I bought when we first started playing with chastity didn't fit right because I didn't really understand how to measure myself for a device. I also decided to go smaller for the ring that held the cage on thinking that would make it more secure. After a week or so I started to get hard in my sleep. Being too small the ring would painfully strangle the base of my dick when I got hard. And unlike some chastity fantasies you might have read it was no fun.

The device I bought after that wasn't much better. Since the device was a solid tube with no holes for my skin to breathe through I had a bad case of stinky dick. I had to remove the device and wash regularly just for hygiene sake. Also the cage itself was loosely fitted to the back ring. As it had so much play it would pinch me and it broke the skin up and down the shaft of my dick.

I tried to modify those devices to make them fit better or fix their short comings. I don't have the right welding equipment and that didn't work out. I was toying with a way to make a device out of copper wire from a home store but it wasn't strong enough to handle daily wear. Besides, it might have turned my dick green :-)

That's when I started thinking about 3D printing them. I have been fooling around with 3D modeling for years and printers have gotten WAY cheaper. I've gone through several designs, and I'm working on new ones all the time, but I finally have a device that I've been wearing for 19 days now! 19 days, I can hardly believe it.


This is the current design I'm wearing now. It's very sturdy but like most guys I overestimated the length of my dick :-) It's actually too long. I have a new design I'm printing out now. It's looking really good but it's hard to tell until it's finished and assembled. I hope to have something good to say about it in my next post.

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