Why should I buy books directly from you rather than through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Google Play?

Because I can only bring you uncensored content here. Amazon and Barnes and Noble have restrictions on what they will allow me to offer. That's why some of the covers and content are different on those other stores. The books here on my site have the original covers, titles and uncensored content. And from now on bonus chapter will only be available through my store.

Any books with different content will have a notice at the bottom of the book description.

I can also offer certain types of stories here that Amazon won't allow. And buying directly though me allows me to keep more of the money, even though you're paying the same price. More money means that I can continue to write and bring you new and exciting books.

Why do your books cost more on the Google Play Store?

It's pretty simple, Google takes way more of the price of the ebook than the other stores do. So, if you're unhappy about the extra cost complain to Google. I'm just trying to make a living (and they don't like to make it easy either). The good news is that you can buy the same book directly from me, for less, and still read it on any device, even an Android phone or tablet. So save a buck and spend your money here.

How to put my files on your device.

Will you write me a story with an underage character or with other illegal content?

Nope, sorry, I don't do that. For the most part I write three types of stories, Nude in Public, Clothed Female Nude Male and Female Domination. I operate under the guidelines of safe, sane and consensual, for the most part. There are some rules that I'm willing to bend ever so slightly but, I only write legal content. However, I do have some darker fantasies that I've wanted to write but couldn't up to now because Amazon wouldn't allow it. Now I can :-)

OK, so will you write me a custom story from one of your three favorite subjects that does contain legal content?

Some of these books take me months to write. The only way that I can do it, and charge $2.99 a book, is if a lot of people are willing to buy it. It also has to be an idea that I think is REALLY fucking exciting. So, in general, no, I'm not interested in writing custom stories. It doesn't mean your idea isn't good, it's just not what I like to do.

I bought one of your books through Amazon (or Barnes and Noble) but I didn't get bonus material that's available here. Can you send me the extra content?

No, I'm sorry, I can't do that. The extra content that's available only through my website must be purchased through my website. I am sorry if you first found me on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, bought one, or some, of my books there and missed out. It wouldn't be fair to those who bought my books here and paid for the extra content if I start handing it out free to who ever asks for it. Besides, I really have no way of knowing who bought what on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Not to mention that any extra content available here is meant to motivate you to buy directly through me. If I just gave it away that would kind of defeat the point wouldn't it? I mean, where's a guy supposed to get money for lube, dildos and dinner :-)

I found some gramatical errors in your books. Can I help you edit them?

Thank you but no. It's very kind of you to offer but I can't just go and email my text out over the Internet to any random stranger who asks. I'm sure you're very nice, honest and really willing to help, but this is the Internet and I never know who I'm really talking to. Please believe me when I say that I really do appreciate every single one of my readers and your offer is appreciated.

I have just gone through all my books again in an effort to tighten things up and find any errors that I might have missed the first time around. However, if you were an English major with a doctorate in literature and a grammer Natzi who uses the slightest error as an excuse to go on hour long rants about the decline of our educational system which will eventually lead to the destruction of our society I'll never be able to make you happy. I take my books seriously. They're a lot of hard work and they are important to me. I try my best to make them as perfect as I can. But let's be honest, I write dirty stories. So relax, and try to enjoy, and if you can't I understand. There are other authors out there who might be more of what you're looking for.

Read my sample chapters before you buy any book.

They are taken directly from the books themselves and will let you know exactly what you're getting into.

So why don't you hire a professional editor then?

The fact of the matter is I'm a one person operation. I do everything myself in order to keep my costs low. If I was to hire a professional editor, and if I was to trust my work to someone it would have to be a professional with references I can verify, I would have to charge double, maybe tripple, of what I do now. A professional who knows what they're doing is expensive and I just can't absorb that cost without passing it on to you. So, if you like a cheap read and can look past an occasional error, awesome! If not I completely understand.