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Part 2 of Entry 1

I looked at the golden seal on the back of the butt plug. It look just like some kind of official stamp. Then I looked at the young woman who held it.

She had long dark hair, big beautiful eyes and this, got ya, smirky smile on her face that just kinda, owned me. I mean there I was stark naked bent over a horse with my legs spread and a cold metal cage on my dick. Helpless in front of, what I hoped was, a small audience of women as another one showed me a butt plug that was about to go up my ass as they all watched.

Yet somehow all this had turned me on. My dick hadn't stopped trying to get hard inside its little prison almost since I was tossed over this horse.the young woman booped me on the nose with the plug, laughed and said, "Dick caged and ass plugged you're going to be so horny and frustrated you'll be willing to do anything.”

”Oh, yeah,” the officer said, "some give in quicker, some tak,e a little longer but in the end they all become eager sluts begging to do anything they're told.” She spanked me once roughly and, directly to me said, "You, are going to be cleaning your mistress's house, kissing her feet and begging for her strap-on in record time I bet.”

My audience cheered and clapped when they heard that.

”Give me the plug and hurry around to the other side,” the officer said to the young woman. "Unless you'd rather watch his face as I stick it in?”

”Oh,” she said as she smiled at me eagerly, "that sounds like fun. Can I tease him too?”

”Of course, what else are men for,” the officer said with a laugh.

The young woman lifted up her arms to give the officer the butt plug and lube. As she did she leaned forward and practically stuffed my face into her low cut blouse. Then she suddenly pulled back and laughed.

I must have had a disappointed look on my face because the young woman said, "Aw, were you getting comfy in there? Do you want to hide in my titties while the scary officer plugs you up for crowd of cheering women?”

Before I could even think of an answer she said, "Well, to bad, I want to see the look on your face as she sticks that long metal plug right up your ass.”

I couldn't get my voice to work but I mouthed the word what.

"Oh yeah,” she laughed, "you didn't get to see the business end of the plug but it's shiny steel, bumpy with a couple of nice sized balls along its length. Not only are you going to feel it going in but you're going to know it's there, everyone will.”

"Don't forget the best part,” the Officer said, "it has a satellite tag and a remote vibrator. I can bring you to your knees and find you anywhere on the planet.”

"Enough small talk,” one of the ladies from the crowd yelled, "plug his ass already.”

"Yeah,” another screamed, "I want to see that tight little hole opened up.”

"OK, OK, don't rush me. Playing with an ass like this should be savored,” the officer said as she ran her hand over my ass and then squeezed a big handful.

"Oh, here it comes,” the young woman in front of me said. "I can't wait to see your eyes pop open as the plug pops in.”

Inside I was going nuts. The chastity cage squeezed down on my dick as it tried its best to get hard. The cool breeze of the afternoon blew over my exposed asshole as who knew how many women watched me.

The smiling face and the low cut blouse of the cute young woman in front of me certainly didn't help. Her blouse somehow had been opened a few buttons and showed some very nice deep cleavage.

The officer's hand wandered all over my ass but then it reached down to my balls. She gripped them around the base which made them puff up behind me like a plum. Then she waved them around while the crowd cheered.

"You'd better lay real still. The police have been known to spank a guy's balls if he misbehaves,” the busty young lady said with a smile.

My eyes popped open but the rest of me stayed stone still. She laughed at my expression and thankfully a moment or two later the police officer let go of my balls.

Her hand moved up closer and closer to my exposed and vulnerable asshole. Her fingers danced over my taint tickling and teasing me. Then, oh my god, then, they brushed over my asshole. I moaned quietly and the busty young woman in front of me said, "Ohhhhh, she's getting to the good part isn't she?”

I tried to keep still. I really did but my ass has always been a major erogenous zone. As her fingers strummed over my little hole my ass began to move up to meet them.

"Maybe I'm wrong about this one. He not only seems to like it but it he wants it,” the officer said loudly.

"Dirty little butt slut,” one of the women screamed out.

"Give it to him,” another yelled.

The officer's fingers rubbed up and down and then in circles until she said, "You know what he's missing?”

”A big fat strap-on in there,” someone asked.

"Soon enough,” the officer said. "How about some lube?”

Then I heard that tell tail snap of the top of a bottle of lube followed by the feeling of something cool being squirted on me. It started at the top of the divide between my cheeks and then ran down over my aching little hole.

The officer's fingers were quickly back. They massaged the slippery liquid between my cheeks and over my vulnerable little hole.

"Is she there yet?” The busty young woman in front of me asked.

"S-so, close,” I managed to squeak out.

Then my mouth dropped open, my eyes went wide and I breathed in deep.

"Oh, there it is, there's the face I was waiting for,” the busty young woman said with an eager smile.”

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