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Part 2 of Entry 3

After a few more agonizing moments I heard the officer say, “Turn around and kneel right here.”

I opened my eyes and looked at the officer. Then I looked down to where she pointed. Sure enough it was right in front of one of the dildos. Stunned I looked back at her.

“You’re not going to give me trouble are you rich boy,” she asked with a grin.

“N-no M-ma’am,” I stuttered.

“Good, so down on your knees then,” she ordered.

I turned and slowly dropped to my knees.

“Hands,” she said.

I lifted my hands up to her and she unlocked my right hand.

“Remove the butt plug,” then she turned and walked over to a cabinet near by.

I looked around quickly and saw a few women looking at me. One even smiled at me. The rest were just going about their business and didn’t give me a second thought. I knew the officer wouldn’t be away for long so I reached behind me with my free hand. I grabbed the plug and pulled it out. As the widest part opened me up I closed my eyes and moaned quietly.

“Oh, you were just made for this weren’t you? You should be mad at your mother for hiding you away. You belong out here with the rest of the guys getting used like the dirty little slut you are,” the officer said.

I looked up at her but I didn’t know how to respond. I just stared at her opened mouthed and mindlessly began to fuck myself with the butt plug. The widest part of the plug was out of me but the tip was still pressed up against my little hole. Without even thinking about it I started to bounce it up against me. I didn’t push it all the way in. I did it just forceful enough so that it began to open me up. The officer laughed at me and said, “That’s right, fuck yourself for me. Your little dick is locked up tight so that’s your only hope of getting off. Go on show me what a slut you are.”

I put my head down, stuck my ass up and let myself go. I humped and gyrated my hips. I moaned and grunted in quiet abandon. My caged dick throbbed, bulged and ached.

The officer chuckled and then said, “OK little man, it’s time to give your fans what they paid for. Dump the plug in here.”

I whined but sat up and saw for the first time that she had a bucket with soapy water in it.

“Come on,” she said as she moved the bucket a bit closer to me, “you’ve got something much better waiting for you.”

I dropped the plug in the water and then looked up to her as if to ask, what’s next?

She handed me something that looked kind of like a syringe. Except it was thick, had no needle and had a soft rubber tip.

“Go on, stick it up your ass already,” she said when I just looked at it. “Unless you want to take that big dildo dry,” she asked as she gestured to the black dildo behind me.

I shook my head no quickly and then reached behind me. I stuck the tip right at the center of my little hole. As I tried to press it inside of me the plunger moved in and lube squeezed out of the tip. I spread it around a bit and then pressed the syringe inside me.

Thanks to the butt plug it slipped in easy. Once it reached bottom the plunger depressed and shot lube deep inside of me.

“OK already let’s move it along. I’ve still got to do your paper work and make the appropriate calls,” the officer said impatiently.

I pulled the syringe out knowing what was going in next. Right there, in the middle of a busy police department I would be expected to shove a long dildo right up my ass.

My heart pounded in my chest, my dick throbbed and leaked inside its steel cage. I wanted this as much as I was humiliated by it. To be naked, caged and fucked up the ass, in public, for any and all to see.

Oh, I was so turned on and worked up. The cage almost seemed to keep me at this crazy level of excitement that knew no end. Its firm crushing grip on my dick kept me going higher and higher with no end in sight.

Who am I? What has this place turned me into? Or, was this me all along?

“Hey, little man, I said, dump the lube shooter in the bucket and get that long fat dildo up your ass. I don’t have all day to sit here and watch you make a slut of yourself,” the offer said impatiently.

I looked up at her, dropped the syringe in the bucket and reached back for that long black dildo. I had to look behind me to find it but as I lined it up with my little hole I looked up at the officer.

“That’s right little man look up at me as you fill your ass with that giant dildo.

I looked her right in the eyes as I pressed the dildo against my little hole. The tip started to spread me open. I pushed a little harder and my ass swallowed up the head. As it went inside me my eyes popped wide open.

“I love that moment when the dildo pops inside you. No matter who the guy is, how old they are or where they’re from it always the same. And it’s so satisfying to see,” the officer said. “Now, just back up a bit, slip your hands into the cuffs and I’ll tighten them.”

Oh God, I was to be locked in place with big dildo up my ass.

I didn’t even question her. Almost in a trance I did as I was told. I backed up slowly and fed more and more of the dildo inside me. After about three inches or so I didn’t need to help it anymore. It just slipped inside me. After about five inches of it were inside me I moaned quietly.

“That’s right, good boy, now the cuffs,” the officer said.

I brought my hand under me and searched for the cuffs. Once I found them I brought them forward. I slipped my hand in one and then the other. I found I had to move back just a bit farther so that the cuffs wouldn’t pull on my wrists too tightly. The dildo slid deeper inside me.

The officer smiled and then squatted down in front of me. I couldn’t help but stare at the crotch of her uniform pants. I felt her buckle the leather cuffs and then I heard a tiny metal click. I looked down in time to see her tighten the buckle on the other cuff and then click shut a small lock that I hadn’t noticed before. It wasn’t much but it was on the outside of the cuffs. I was truly locked in place.

As I was trying to somehow deal with all of that the officer said, “I’ve got one more surprise for you.”

Then she booped my nose and chuckled as she stood up. She grabbed the bucket and walked back to the cabinet. She placed the bucket inside the cabinet and then opened a small metal panel that was attached to the wall. She seemed to be looking through it for a minute. Then, when she found what she was looking for, she held a finger up to the metal panel and looked back at me. She smiled and said, “Here it comes.”

Then she pressed her finger forward. I wasn’t sure what was happening at first but then I felt it. The tip of the dildo was inflating!

My eyes went wide and my mouth dropped open as I felt the tip get bigger and bigger. It didn’t hurt. It just felt like a pressure that grew inside me.

I wondered how big it was going to get when she pressed the button again and said, “That should be good right there.”

Then she closed the panel and walked back in front of me. She stood above me in her neat police uniform and looked down at me. I was naked on all fours, my dick in a steel cage, my hands cuffed underneath me and a long dildo up my ass. I was humiliated but also excited, my heart pounded in my chest. I was vulnerable and in a heightened state of arousal that made it hard to think straight.

“Try to get out,” she said with an expression that seemed like she was holding back a laugh.

I looked up at her completely confused. She raised her eyebrows as if to say, get on with it. I moved forward. The chain attached to the handcuffs stopped me and so did the inflated tip of the dildo. Before the, now large, tip bumped into my asshole it slid over my prostate. My mouth opened and I moaned quietly.

“Yes,” she said with a huge grin, “not only are you bound naked on display but your bondage is designed to keep you aroused. There’s even the possibility of you having an orgasm, if you’re willing to make a total slut out of yourself in front of everyone in this room and, the entire city.” She pointed up at the camera which pointed down at me.

“You‘ll try not to at first, but it’s hopeless. You all give in in the end. Now kiss my feet and thank me for giving you the opportunity to show yourself, and the world, who you really are,” she commanded.

I looked down at her feet. The dull sheen on her black leather boots seemed to call to me. I leaned down to kiss them and the dildo slid forward over my prostate. I gyrated my hips as I kissed her boots and said thank you over and over again.

“Yeah,” she said, “this is exactly where you belong.”

She let me kiss her boots for a while longer. Then she carefully pulled her feet away. Before leaving she said, Have fun.”

I was left lewdly gyrating on the dildo at the back of the room while everyone went about their day.

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