Begging For More

The classified ad read:

Small office looking for a man who can take orders well and doesn't mind working under a woman.

When James applies for the job he quickly finds himself teased and stripped naked. He's introduced to his new female coworkers totally nude and asked embarrassing questions about his sexual habits. James exposes himself in every possible way to these strong demanding women. He winds up worshiping each and everyone orally and happily becomes their naked plaything.

He's used for the amusement of all his coworkers and loves every naked, humiliating second of it and so will you! Spanking, shaving, golden showers, strap-on sex and oral worship is just the beginning of a job you wish you could apply for.

Over 25,000 words of female domination erotica.

An erotica Femdom, humiliation story whose only design is to leave you hot, sweaty and begging for more. Try the sample chapter, you won't be sorry.

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Begging For More

Read A Sample

Read A Sample