Femdom Marriage Counselor

Elise is home alone when a mysterious woman knocks on her door. The woman turns out to be Lady Catherine a professional dominatrix. She's come to tell Elise that her husband has been booking sessions behind her back. Lady Catherine's not there to steal her man though. She came to save Elise's marriage.

Elise is invited back to lady Catherine's dungeon. There Elise learns about her husband's secret life and the kinks he can't live without. Lady Catherine offers up a male submissive to show her the ropes. Her eyes and mind are opened in ways she never imagined and soon can't live without.

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16,718 words of femdom, puppy play and spanking fun.


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I warm you up in the main book but the bonus chapter is where this story goes wild. Elise's husband Jerry takes on the role he's longed for all his life, Elise's submissive. Lady Elise's first order as mistress of the house is for Jerry to confess all of his kinkiest desires. His orgasms now completely under his dominant wife's control Jerry

27,818 words of femdom, edging, ass licking, come eating, anal training, pegging, humiliation

That's 44,536 words in total!

Be sure to read the FREE sample chapter. It will give you the best idea of what the story is like. I give you a taste of both the main story and the much raunchier Bonus Chapter.

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Femdom Marriage Counselor

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