The Pegging Party

Keith, a submissive male, answers an email on social network and is introduced to Melissa. Melissa is a dominant woman who likes nothing more than talking dirty and using her strap-on.

Keith can't believe his luck at finding a woman who's into the same fetish as he is. They exchange emails and then Melissa makes him prove, not only his love for the fetish but, his ability to obey her every command.

With no trouble at all she turns Keith into her willing, eager, little slut. She uses him in private, making him perform for her on his web cam, in public where she teases him before a group of young women. Then eventually she brings him into her group of friends, female friends, who all enjoy using their strap-ons.

Keith winds up being the center of a private party where he has to take on four sexy women and their strap ons. Women who won't stop until they've all had their way with him, multiple times.

Download the free sample chapter and you'll want to be Melissa's Boy too. 28,507 words of the best strap-on fun you'll ever have!

Femdom, strap on, male submission, gang bang, enema, slut play, light humiliation

The exact same book is sold on Amazon with a different tittle, "Melissa's Boy" and an altered cover.

Be sure to read the FREE sample chapter. It will give you the best idea of what the story is like.

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Pegging Party

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