The Queen Is Wild

An erotica tale of a man devoted to his dominant woman. He is deeply in love with his femdom Queen. So slavish is his devotion to her that he's willing to do anything to please her. After she's used him more times than he can count. After he's done things for her that only a slave would do he breaks down and begs for release. She tells him that if he performs well on video for her, if he shows her what a true slut he really is, she'll consider it.

The next day while his Queen is watching the video and using him as a footstool she gets a call from one of her girlfriends. After a quick chat he is informed that he's the entertainment for a girl's night in.

Can he please and provide entertainment for five sexy, insatiable women? Her boy is determined to try no matter what the cost might be to himself. He's sworn an oath to his Goddess that he'll be his true slutty self and make her proud.

Previously published as "Slave to My Girlfriend" and "My Wicked Girlfriend" only because a certain corporation likes to drive me cRaZy...

21,054 words female domination fun.

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The Queen is Wild

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